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employing functions normally used in other styles
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

to see other styles within other styles....or philosophies within other philosophies...lenses within other lenses, different functions in music, borrowing functions

employing functions from other styles

ah to say its "borrowing" is wrong - because it snot like THAt style of music owns that function. the fact that i can use that function within this style reveals that the function exists primordially or before the style. it was an a priorie function. the fact that i cn use angst or that meshuggah like fierceness in ambient music reveals somthing deeper about that function. it exists as an underlying substrate.

like me playing organic shadows on rick toone, with ambient reverb.....man....i hear solaris like feel.

and gives me the revelation of how there is the function of "meshuggah"ness in ambient music. and ambient-ness in meshuggah. those functions.

like meshuggah is one of the most ambient medittive bands to me.

theres a comradary of function between the two outlooks of music....like function

and thats what im chasing with my work in ambient music. to HAVE or BORROW that animals as leaders outlook and function in my ambient music. to emerge that function within the context of ambient music. to have that fierce heaviness and awe-inspiring ness of meshuggah INSIDE of amvient music...THAT is amazing

its almost as if there were underlying deeper substates or source codes, or expressions, that manifest across different genres.