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a shift in priorities/ Hedgehog" principals of composition
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

the surrealist era mindset of making music

i remember talking to ishaan about this in the boston sports club gym.

like three venn diagrams:

must be hard to play/do/replicate

must sound good

unique sound

"Hedgehog" principals of composition:

  • Has to be original - innovative
  • Has to sound amazing- Surreal
  • Has to be virtuosic/complex- Compelling (how did you do that?)

this is an old framework during the surrealist era. and there are many problems with this.

it filtered out a LOT of amazing art that i feel so deeply connected to.

that's been the fillers for me...

i think the most important framework should be:

what is most personal is most creative

a shift has occurred. the intersections of the goal i have with music or what i'm trying to do, what is most personal is most creative


i don't want to make innovation for the sake of it, for it to be be the main priority. i don't want to lead with it, or be known as the experimental guy. i want to make amazing work, and have that be a visiting byproduct.