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appreciate disintegration- rotting - things brea
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

why i don't change my guitar strings:

i love degradation

i love aging

i love stretch marks


the deforming if my guitar playing.

the decay of my guitar fretboard and strings- the accumulation of damage.

there's something deeply existential about it

Existential I want my guitar playing to degrade in a way- I’m curious to see where it goes

I’m just as much fascinated by Annihalation and decay as I am by development and perfectionism- there is a certain beauty in it, a beauty in decay, in noise, in losing control. The music that comes out of it will have a certain quality to it..a character..a vibe..

the organic merge of both degradation and perfection is profound

we disavow dirtiness...ugliness...we have makeup, showers, deodorant, cologne.

wrote in another essay about grain. noise. etc. link to this.

my guitar technique..degrading, yet cultivating something else...a character, an edge.