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iteration towards perfection
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

//there is something truly wonderful, beautiful, noble and existential about the refinement and pursuit of perfection of ones work. the iterative journey. the god becoming. the uncovering. the distillation. purification.

everything you do or create is an iteration o rrefinement of the previous craft.

every field in every domain, such as apple computers, is a hyper iteration towards perfection. like every iphone is another step into the perfect iphone or that vision of a utopia of an iphone or phone.

there is a deep feeling within me of a dark utopia, of an ultimate perfection, that i am trying to chase. the scultping, carving, and ultimately the reveal of perfection.

to sculpt purity, distillation, and have honest work and continual refinement of honesty, will be what will change the most lives and make me the most money (that i could have made. <ā†- an important addendum?)