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artist identity
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

it is always peculiar to be when people say “oh you don't like linkin park (or any other band) for who they are, you just like nu metal music.” but identity is tricky here- because who linkin park was was once a nu metal band- that was their sound, and it was them.

but now they have changed- people change all the time, no fixed thing. s

what is artist identity? or perils of. an artist dilemma of experimentation vs doing what you know peoplle will like.

but also the other irony that even if you do get bigger, and build a bigger fan base and platform, and thus context of your artistry- it is actually similarly a struggle to create and do what you love cs, fulfilling your existing fans obligations, so you're honestly dammed either way. there is risk in everything

as such, the artist must navigate his path carefully. he must plan out his trajectory with caution. paths, dangers, strategies. sustanability,longetivity. etc. there are so many things to be afraid of and must be carefully managed.

ther is also this illusion of a criterion, of a hierarchy of what constitutes good music cs not good music. is is fast? virtuosic? one-upmanship over my previous release? will it impress? is it attention grabbing? is it hooky? did it get enough streams? did i get enough comments? is it comparable to other artists?

the dilemma of navigating between being too one dimension and stepping too far outside one's zone.

(part about identity)