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isness, essence, suchness
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

framework - letting things be cause of the isness of it. no invalid way. and actually to try to test out other things or permutations of this isness would cheapen the isness, for it reduces it to and puts it in it in a spectrum that measures it on a metric instead of seeing its pure isness, it negates the isness for isness implies how irriduciable and unique something is, so to test out things around it that may be better is a false approach that cheapens one's composition. do not mistake this for laziness or burnt out disguised as it. and isness is so perfectly imperfect. when you see peoples faces, you see how unique each one is, and yet how there exists asymmetry, scars, blemishes. you dont want plastic doll faces you want real, grainy skin.

like every seeming blemish is valid in a way. there are 100000 ways blemishes can happen. and each one is valid...its strange. as i listen to clockworks, what if that mak3 lea happened elsewhere? it would still be as valid.

reference the essay talking about maj3 leak in clockworks

two more essay concepts that are related:

why didn't i think of that? so obvious. like sometimes something is so genius it is so perfect and obvious (as i listen to eminem's stepping stone song). (thus also relates to how the universe just grows perfect isness human identities and faces. reference that essay

), like there's something about a human face that makes you think "of course this would exist!" thats actually how i feel right now with this platform..this website..this chase of this website..

amazing works feels like you're discovering what always existed - tosin said that when making first album with misha think it was related to tempting time tapping.

there is such a thing as isness, that does not map on to any rubric or spectrum. i would consider this as an on/off phenomenon (ref) and also the idea of things becoming ghosts or dreams upon a realization (ref that essay). where if see past a certain mirage, that thing you once thought was real is now a dream. so either something is a concoction of many spectrums, or it is simply IS.

and that isness has an inherit beauty to it that i cannot point my finger to. a beauty that is not measured, but seen and felt.