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to make everything yourself.




to mix. to do production. to market. to be an entreprenuer. to do business. all by yourself. no overhead. complete control. complete purity in your vision. control say and contro over it. to be alone. to enjoy solitude.

most importantly. to trust yourself.

joe matera email:

Yes, I have recently significantly upgraded my home studio with new gear to become fully self-sufficient (recording, mixing, and mastering everything myself). I believe in self-reliance and control with one's art, and is also more efficient economically and timewise in the long run.

that is to say, these frameworks are intended to be installed such that it maximizes long term sustainability etc. and self reliance is just that. it leads to sustainability and longetivity and maximal flourishment in the long run. that is what i ave learned over the course of my teure as a musician. first being ina. band with others, ten just one other prson, and then just myself....

as i listen to linkin park reanmation. it doesnt matter what the band/crestors intended. it is what I am experiencing, and what it mans for me, and the memories and nostaligia and the home feeling it gives me. that nexus of energy it gives me, of openness and of freedom.

and i realize that that is sacred. how i feel about it for myself, and my feeligns and interpretations. that energy is unique to me, and therefore uniue to the universe.

to have as few bottlenecks as possible