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no such thing as art / life dualism
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

watching parasite

"as they descend deeper and deeper down the levels into the basement" - symbology of it.

embedded in the levels of descend in are the symbology of it. but didn't the symbology come / service from the fact of the basement/lower levels nature?

does life initiate art or does art imitate life?

is it orbits of truth? regresses? (ref to that essay).


it is one and the same. i don't see the dichotomy. i don't see the dualism.

in all my experience. i have learned that the lines are blurred. me eating ice cream is art. this kitchen island is art. there is poetry in everything- if you look, or don't look. regardless of it you're aware of it or not, the meaning is there to be found. it already exists.

everything in my purview is potent with art. i don't see any difference between life and art. art is just concentrated and human-intention concentration and moving of energy.