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subscription model (money is energy), non-transactional
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

i dont believe in one-off purchases anymore, as a producer, but also as a consumer almost.

if money is energy, then i much prefer a constant sense of flow than one off purchases here and there. it feels more existentilly right. and

paying money for access to something is a completely different relationship than paying for one product that one "owns". the relationship changes. i dont feel like im owning something, but rather i am experiencing something. i dont own a mountain, but i would love to experienc eit

same with dark access. all the content feels freely available. you can pick and choose what you want, it doesnt feel restrictive. it feels liek aunivwerse. and i love that. theres a ffreedom in it, and theres a flow of moeny/energy that does not feel transactional. THATS the most important point, the key point. it feels non-ransactional. but rather a sharing of energy, attention and love.

it doesn't feel like the money/energy is tied to any single object, but rather to the space.

in some sense everything is a subscription (another essay on this) - that the essence of a subscription model is regular energy dispensed to an entity.