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space change of reverb
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

love it when theres a sudden space change due to a cutting of revern on/off...as if the previous space was an illusion or as if youve been woken up, its really existental. had moments like this in reality too..

like something just went off...(or on)...anaeglous to the fade to black

its like entering in and out of different rooms even...

its like going into another dimension. almost like breaking a 4th wall even. i did this in neural_. the harmonics at first were reverbed, but when the swells came in, the reverbs faded out...and it now felt more organic and closer...so nice.

same thing in radiance_, during the B section of solaris, at the end of the B section. the space faded out, and things felt closer and more intimate to you...

thats it...a level of intimacy. levels of intimacy....

so existential

sudden intimacies are so jarring and wake you up, and i love it when its warranted.