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the different aesthetics of stereo
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

copying the SAME take over to a new track, putting it on extreme right and extreme left and putting a slight tape delay on it vs.

recording two seperate takes.

and can do BOTH when quad tracking

or having different parameters on each channel, such as filtering eq or grain of distortion, to produce the stereo effect.

and you can widen the stereo field (seperate framework) by having different details

come out on each channel- like high tessitura details on each etc.

and seperate framework perhaps—

should i pan extreme left and right? 64 and 65 vs -45 + 45 vs 36 vs 25 vs 10 v 5, wtc

another framework- putting a focal "center track" slightly OFF center. like off white, i love off center.

another framework - should the elements in a mix add up to be perfectly balanced? i like asymmetry...

and also automating panning...