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intervals and harmony as gestures
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

intervals and harmony as gestures, not their regular use. meshuggah organic shadows maj7, how they utilize intervals in a gestural sense

how did they manage to utilize yet thwart the function of the maj7....so good. and the low min3 interval doesn't feel like a min3.

it could be that at different pitches/octaves intervals have different functions.


a unison 8th does not sound good layered on top of a maj7 (actually in this case the intervals themselves change the function of other intervals)

a cooler example:

a b9 with a high tiessiturs sounds amazing above a maj7 // lydian harmonic foundation. especially in a great moving context such as the solaris progression. (so additionally with this case a moving structure affects interval function).

austin rockman taught me this.