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music as exploration of architecture in empty form
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Sonic Clairvoyance

you don't do music

you art direct nitrogen-oxygen fields

architecture in empty form

nitrogen oxygen fields

when i see buildings...the sandbox universe like of being. thats how i see in the music...

music as exploration of structure in empty form. exploration of architecture in empty form

existential battle with ur mind

expressions of deeper reality that perceptions don’t see

deeper reality

why so much opposition when i just want to create..

it makes the art more beautiful

if there was no search, no seeking deeper realm

suffering deepened my connection with my art

strong determination sitting - mediation

opposing what-is

trying to change reality by being comfortable

that’s how consciousness grows

merging with reality

non dualism

resistance to pain is more painful

don’t resist the itch

deeper existence that exist

I see structure




u hear structure in empty form

architectural progression in space

space in between objects

interact with it

the sound of it touching it

Fishmen pickups

Animals as Leaders

Woven with intricacies

form of immortality

what stays the same across time, is what’s more real and more sacred

that’s more … cells

share / writing

decentralized source

it’s like there is no centre, or maybe everything is the centre

there’s no centre to the song

it’s like a flowing entity across time

seek smth that wants to be found but it’s playing hide & seek

Consciousness trying to find itself

there is no end point

true reality is a trajectory, transcending time,

god of the god

weight - they don’t see trajectory,

perceptions can’t be fundamental to reality

you don’t see Fibonacci in a specific part

you see it, transcended nature of time

perception is a user interface that navigates the trajectory

trajectory is what drives everything

god becoming

Devs - tv show

Ex Machina

adjusting mirrors of awareness

see messages with tosin on kaleido.