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am i at war with all other artists?
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

i believe i may have a framework in this already.

to steer the trajectory of collective consciousness into what i think is truth or the perfect beatific vision.

ref that journal entry hitchens quote. destroying enemies

i want to destroy my enemies. at first i thought maybe - they are not my enemies, real enemies are those with extremist ideologies or whatever frame of mind that casts suffering, and all we do is music. i find this to be a put-down on what art is. as if art weren't important. but you could argue it is more important.

but at the same time. as an artist i cannot help but feel as though there is a war happening between me and other artists for the battle of ideas.


and to expand further in another essay:

am i at war with everyone else? since there is a limited bandwidth of money, energy, and ultimately attention. (make a dark thought on this)

destruction and medicine at the same time. god level destruction. annihilation.

i want to destroy my enemies.

i am at war. war with other artists. in mind and in thought.

i want to swallow everything that is not dark. i want to be a black hole.

god. to become death. to be a destroyer of worlds.

keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

when there is a finite bandwidth of attention.

every other artist becomes my enemy.

and i am to become close to them.