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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

solittude is where the gold is. gold. to be alon in ou room, and your mind, is the most creativ space for me (think i worte about this in anothr framework)

its where the hidden treeasure is. just you, and the walls in the room, and the room.

no noise.

joe matera email:

I'm doing excellent. Hope you are too. Apologies for my absence--I'm deep into my music creation and am not online much these days. Whenever I'm in writing mode I become rather solipsistic, cutting out nearly everything including friends and family. Especially with everything that's on the news these days--best to remain offline! There's this idea of purification in Buddhism, which I try to chase when writing so I can be as authentic as possible. Please don't interpret my delayed response times as being uninterested. It's rather the opposite--whenever I have great conversations with people like yourself I spend a long time pondering and writing, so it's quite a commitment for me.

to be alone. solitude. isolation

i want to live in the music and see where this solitude takes me. maybe insanity.