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hesitations with mastering music
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

from interview with joe matera:

Regarding your vocal production- I tend to resonate with textural approaches to instruments (even vocal). I enjoy the integration of elements in a song to create a unified sound, vs. treating each instrument independently, (bass, drums, guitar, etc). When listening to your work, I got that impression that your approach to singing and vocal production is more along those lines of being a textural device as opposed to being the "primary attention" of the track, if that makes sense. I think it's your use of harmonization and vocal timbre does this extremely well. Since you're a multi-instrumentalist (guitarist, singer) I think your appreciation for the instrumentation also allows for this more coherency. It's almost as if your singing is working with the track, instead of on top of it.

I tend to gravitate towards music that approaches each instrument as if they weren't separate. This is especially why I love making and listening to ambient music- each sound is a contribution to a holistic sonic sphere, and it feels more like a flow vs. a stacked mix. This is also why I tend not to be too keen on guitar solos!

this is what mastering does..and what good master engineers do..glue. printed. pressed.

but to even do this from scratch, with that intent in mind.

to not treat elements as sepetate, but artifacts of a whole, to treat a track a sself referential - each element alluding to other elements. to work with residual things as atmispheres etc. - maybe this is seperate or part of .

to not have seperate elements in a mix, and have it be one unified field of sound, one unified field of experience, and sphere of sound.

and actually, this is what film grain does for me. and what color grading does too. it feels like it turns the film into its own experience/world. unifies all the elements on a screen.

this is not just a production thing, it is a compositional thing, it is an INTENT thing. to have it flow like one field of experience. that is why ambient music is the best for me. there are no parsed tracks.