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depth vs. width
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

i notice in myself, and have come to realize, that i prefer depth rather than width. i don't like having 4 tiny meals or trying small dishes here and there during a course. i like having ONE big thing that i can gorge and experience the entire iridescence of flavor of.

and thus manifests with music too, and everything.

like how i listen to only 1-2 bands at a time for a long period of time (meshuggah recently...)

(may have wrote about this elsewhere. i remember writing about that game of charades at rohan's house, and i go all in on that game and act like an excitable boisterous brat)

and thus the last equation of my music career was - what did i want to go deep into? and the answer at first was spotify...which was uniotimized.. but now i have come to a revelation of where i can channel this depth energy towards...it's the dark website :)