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diversifying career risk
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

love this concept from the book originals.

treat ones career as a portfolio of high risk and bedrock low risk so you can truly feel at ease and inspired.

if everything i did was high-risk, i would lose sleep, get anxious, get depressed, and worst of all - start to treat the beautific vision and assess it along the lines of money and of fulfilling life needs.

the problem is that there is a disparallel and disparity betwen beautific vision and reality from the get go, meaning if i hav e a beautific vision, by definition it isnt mapped onto reality yet, and as such there is a epriod of search, seeking, struggle, and of planning and of breathing to REALLY see that bautific vision come to light as cleanly and best as possible. as such there is a inermittent perio.d and i would hate to have to erod the beautific vision or chapen it by trying to make money from it as ffast as possible.

and so thats thwere the satefy next comes in. it secures my present, future, and past (work experience), which allows me to be free and open ended with my beautific vision.

its like having a kite that wants to soar high, and theres a stone that grounds in in being so it you can really calculate the trajectory of yoyr life.

so having a safety is paramount, at least for a few years.

and it is good and noble to eat shit and do work you do not necessarily want to do for the sake of this process of beautiific realization. thereis a sacrifice and nobolity, and patience attached to it.

peace of mind is a creative mind. and thus, you are more creative, and so this is why this is a composition framework.

full time artists arent necessarily the most creative. they may have to whore their artistry for the sake of commisioning something like a music for an ad etc. i hate that so much

i would rather work in a non-music related field + do music, than to do a very related music field tht is close to my music compsition exploration, because that runs the risk of cheapening my view of my music composition and my beautific vision.