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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

as such this builds a world that extends beyond the song itself. a hierarchial bedrock that the artist rests on and is cultiavting, a world the artist is building, using different flavours and signatures and contexts of a motif in different songs

i hear this all the time in myself. at first i wished an artist did this harmony or progression instead of what they did, but after several listens, i realize why they did what they did. the construction both interior of the song, as well as the exterior of the bigger picture they are building of their artistry.

and this is what i hear in solaris.....with solaris it int even the notes of the bass... its the fllavor of the bass...the tone...

this is what amazing albums do.

and it is what i am chasing with my music, and with this website platform. building a context, a bedrock of understanding, a world, a deep intimate space that houses all things and fragments of my thought and mind. such that it deepens my connection with the individual artifacts (songs) AND also the overall summation of the hiearchical structure.