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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

harmonization. feels like a communian.

As I sit finishinbgup Arcadia and the climax, and layering in the harmonize layer for the main ostinatos, which sounds dark and amazing.

I realize its not so much the layers your adding themselves, its so much HOW the layer interacts with the other layers, and hw to interaction and synergy between the two is what you want.

like you have one layer

then you have a 2nd layer

then you put them both together - so theres the sum

but theres also this added/additive phantom layer that gets built...

and THAT is the thing im chasing with layers.

this sort of phantom collective maste r motif or so

and i wonde if THEN i cac substract the two layers aay from it

and be left with the phantom

is that possible