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mental expansions from listening
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

like the idea that you have preconceived notions of where a riff may go-where you want it to or where you expect. - which is a symptom of closedness, of narrowness, of expectation.

but it doesnt, and at first it brings about confusion or disquiet. but then thats how your ear gets expanded - yorure breaking your beliefs. mind expansion. it feels like cracking into my mind. sort of disbelief why would you do that? a mystery...

i hear this all the time in myself. at first i wished an artist did this harmony or progression instead of what they did, but after several listens, i realize why they did what they did. the construction both interior of the song, as well as the exterior of the bigger picture they are building of their artistry.

things are deeper than what i as a listener usually hear.

like it couod be that in one song an artist does a 1-b6-4 progression which i love, and then in another song he does something similar, he starts with the 1-b6, and then i anticipate—and also hope - he goes to 4, but he doesnt, he goes to b7. and then goes to 4. this variation is existential. theres something to be said about that. as if it were another variant of a same DNA or so