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animals as leaders
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

changed my life

first time i heard and felt "i didnt know this was possible!" it recontextualized guitar for me..repurposed virtuoso playing. a new way of looking at the world.

even the way they used distortion was incredible. like an ocean. an ocean that sat underneath. it wasn't in the forefront. it was more of a textural ambient layer.

when i mean reality i mean all of this. all of what we see, hear, witness, feel, touch, think, speak, shake hands with. all these things. as i type this i see the function of sentences - that there are underlying functions of sentences (and musical/compositional references tools) that appear, and manifest themselves accordingly and differently to the contenxt in which they are housed in. like i could easily replace "shake hands with" with another example, but they both refer to the same substrate of point. and same with composition, in the sense of 1) generative music - where you take snippets of a sonic algorhtitm/process out of a generative loop and use that, 2) using 1 permutation out several options 3) structures - the identity structueof "verse" vs "chorus", how each has underlying primordial mechanics behind it 4) (and am quite sure there are several others...like in jazz music harmony etc). i can use the same function of something in different musical styles, like meshuggah or CUTS - bunsen burner using that chord progrssion in a new context - which revealed that there was that underlying subsctrate. thats probably why i am so attracted to that music - and why we all are, because new music that redefines these primordial structures is so cool - thats what animals as leaders did for me. (also ref: essay/framework on how sometimes things are played as reference for the thing itself, and not for the actual thing. - like those blues phrases...so existential). and i find myself having to stop at my tracks to write these new thought bubbles. i think its important to write everything down. document. no stones unturned.