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divorcing the artist mind from the listener mind
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

or trying to find the intersection between artist production vs. listener consumption.

like i never listen to playlists. i never use them ever.

yet i made some for my music or that surround my music. why?

cause i know fans consume it...

so theres a disconnect here that i am trying to address. the intersection...

this relates heavily with compositon. how do i step outside of myself to listen to wht i have made from a listeners perspective? like after hearing a song for 1000 times, and knowinf th e ins and outs of it, i can get exhausted and hate the song, but people may love it. theres a disconnnect.

from ideal world: (also maybe ref from "what are we chasing)

may also be one of those thing where i must divorce my mind from the audience mind. like i need to see it from their perspective too....

so in some sense anytime i have the intention ti produce art and have that be my living, i need to have more things to consider. but this doesnt necessrily leed to degradation of my vision. it actually enhances it in some ways. i just need to navigate the path carefully.