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the "wouldness" of a song, or "shouldness". intertwined archtypes/identities
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

i'm sure i can link a quite a few bunch of essays..

but as i listen to linkin park..

i hear two archetypes (


archtype of chester bennington and mike shinoda.

not only are they themselves, but also embody the archtypes of what they are.

and it is so cool to see how they work together to intertwine these. like hearing chester, the singer, come between mikes rapping. and then hearing mike, the rapper, do backup vocals for chester during his part. it's so fucking amazing. i got emotional when i heard faint by linkin park. and to connect this with the ideas of things being representations of how things OUGHT to be- like their showcasing how their identities are being explored, and showing how it's done. so cool. especially with how subtle they are sometimes. man. this segways so much with how things are showcases of themselves. like linkin park/mike/chester is not just singing, they are showcasing their singing. analogous to george howard from berklee saying how a song is not a song (or not just a song) but an AD for the song and it's album.