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something dark and existential about variation
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

as i just listened to the x files theme but in a diferent way (ending of episode 20 season 3), like a variant of the origina motif.

something deeply cool and existential about it. like a variant of a theme, which reveals that theres an underlying structure/world/framework that nests below the original theme, like a blueprint. a framework. the variant reveals what is the same and what is different, a sort of different identity of the same underlying structure.

a reveal of something more and deeper.


also feels like each variant is an iteration. it also feels like a mirror of itself.

another angle — like that power rangers episode with the imposter power rangers characters . link to e

this is why im so drawn to explore and permutate my music, treating each layer as artifacts, where they spawn new music releases with the same/similar motivic structurers. hidden artifacts found in multiple songs.

i feel this mysteriousness manfiest in people too. like my brother and i share the same DNA, we both were fat and lost weight, and our pathways and approaches to that and to life, our transformations, visions, pathways...so cool.

that's why i love demos.......or alt mixes. you hear how one thinks.

remember that game with ramana...car racing..racing against your own phantom self...

and each form and pathway takes its own identity, that is inexplicable