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expanding and deepening artistic identity via composition
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

When you write a particular song,

And then another

Each time you do

You are expanding your artistic identity

As well as getting closer to the essence of why and your vision and the essence identity of your artist

E.g you create an innovative harmonics track, and people love e the harmonics

But then you write a sick pointillist innovative track, and people love the pointillism, but they also see that its not about just the harmonics or pointillism, its the essence of innovation itself. That’s what animals as leaders did, their sounds and what tosin brought to the table was a manifestation, not the true core, of his artistry. His artistry was innovation and changing the game. Thats why tosin will be legend. which is also why i cannot just replicate what he did, because it isnt just about surface level sounds. i could do the thumping he does and all, but the reception wont be the same. why? because of the deeper underlying trajectorial intent of innovation is what people resonate with.