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how the future affects the past
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

watching hunger games.

it can seem rather cliche that the camera and the audience only focuses on two characters.

but maybe it's because in the future they win/have the most interesting story (and they do) and so that's why the observer sees these specific characters. it's not the other way around, where they become the winners/most interesting part of the story at the end, and we just happen to witness their start, or that they were chosen from the beginning. no. the future affected the past in this case. had there been another character who had won or who had a more interesting story that fit the world of hunger games, then surely we as the audience would have seen that. the future affected the past, or our experience of the past and the timeline.

.and perhaps you can attribute this to our own lives -- that i am (or observe) the story of roopam garg because to my soul that is the most interesting and developmental story to me, and as such i should not be jealous or wish of another life.---maybe this is a seperate essay or a non sequitor.

so its not that we first fixate on two characters and then they just happen to win. its that they win, and hence why we are fixated on them.

with music:

like in a song. a future section can affect the perception and thus the actuality of the past section.

and rewatching a film adds greater depth, and changes the past, at least the lens of it (same thing) (material reality stays the same, yet everything about it changes—material reality is but 1 layer.) like the godfather - seeing michaels transformation is especially cool when you rewatch and see him again. —and can link to repeated universes essay.