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expert forgets everything he/she has learned, or is able to break those "rules" or thought structures, beginner and expert share a clear intersection
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

practicing with a metronome is CRUCIAL. ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL..

but then i uncover hidden gems/frameworks like this:

so in some sense, the moderate musician on the path strives for (as they should) and sees the beauty in the refinement of ones craft towards making themselves a better player and mastery in ones craft. but the real artist then turns around, retrocausaly, and sees the beauty and intellect that most others dont see or utilize within those unstablize ground he/ she once faced, the path they treaded before.

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another example:

all hammer ons, trying to get them to be all as even as possiblem to gain strength with each finger as much as possible.

but wait,

now i find the beauty in each finger having its own strength and character and angle.

you strive for uniformity, only to break it.

this relates to

and perhaps a new sepetare essay (or is it THIS very essay, on how the beginner and expert share a clear intersection.

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