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shepard's tone, self reference, feedback loop
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Almost all systems of thought assume causality precedes effect. This implies a linear progression of events with time. Something amazing happens spontaneously when effect causes the same causality that produced it - self-reference.     [RNA World Hypothesis]

•	Think about the beginning of the universe/earth
•	it’s a crazy place with explosions, volcanos and spontaneous, chaotic processes
•	Matter is constantly shaped and reshaped through physical/chemical processes
•	At once instance of time, in a hot-spring or a tide pool, a group of matter/atoms formed a particular shape:
◦	When this  particular shape interacted with the environment, it resulted in the creation of a shape similar to the original shape.
◦	Amidst a world of chaotic random processes, an ordered pattern emerged spontaneously as this shape duplicated, evolved, to create basic cells.
◦	This gave rise to 'life' --> systems of self-reproduceable objects. The complex structures of biology in all its entirety started from the simple, spontaneous event of something being able to duplicate.
◦	The ability to duplicate creates a species that suddenly becomes eternal as the idea of that species exists beyond any one physical animal in it.

  • This is the crux logic of DNA/RNA & cell duplication & why life exists as we know it. • In the code of your DNA/RNA there is the recipe of how to make itself. ◦ This is self-reference. [Paradox & Ad Infinitum]
•	This same idea of self-reference is the building-block of recursion. Recursion is the building-block of infinity. By definition, infinity is not a concept we can perceive through our senses. Our mind uses signals to perceive the world through quantized signals that we interpret.
•	Yet, we understand the concept intuitively through interpretation. it seems to have had an important role in life in many ways (examples):
◦	Everyday Life:
•	Mirrors
•	Chicken/Egg
◦	Mythology:
•	Ouroboros
▪	Dragon eating its own tail
▪	Representation of ad infinitum in alchemy (ancient Greek & Egyptian)
•	Vedas
▪	Representation of time as cyclical & non-linear (Yugas)
▪	Samsara/cycle of life
◦	Art:
•	Escher's right hand drawing left hand
•	Paradox Art
◦	Sounds/Music:
•	Resonance Loops
▪	When you have your microphone on and talking on speaker, you create an infinity (the speaker tries to play what it hears from the microphone, the microphone hears what the speaker is playing and sends it to the speaker, etc.)

[Computation & Artificial Intelligence]

•	Recursion is a very important concept in Computation. This is when you have a function, that includes itself in its definition.
•	These can go on for ever or better yet, create itself.
◦	Quine programs are pieces of code that, when run (akin to interacting with environment), creates the same source code.
•	Computer Virus & Artificial Intelligence systems require two things to proliferate: (a) the computation resources (again akin to the environment) and the ability to 'copy' (self-reference) in order to proliferate.

[The beauty I see in this]

In midst a universe of chaotic random processes, through self-reference amazing patterns emerge. Something discrete & amazing happens when this initial event of self-reference happens, like a click, and it transcends the whole system and creates a new infinity/reality/universe spontaneously. You transcend your existing reference frame through self-reference.   Conceptually, it’s the same as asking 'why'? 'Why' means that you are looking for an explanation for why this system exists, from within the system itself. By asking 'why' you transcend the system & zoom out.   You can view consciousness as one such pattern. Your perception of 'self' is manifested by… yourself. Consciousness is an emergent phenomena again due to a self-reference. This becomes obvious when you experience depersonalization of any kind. Similarly, there are examples of this everywhere you look.   The beauty for me is that you literally create patterns of reality/infinity/universe through something as simple & foundational as self-reference.

talk about philosophical implications of shepard's tone, or how you feel about it. constant uprising....perpetuation....tension....that song departure. feedback loop of anxiety. a constant clawing at reality. digging deeper. no reference point. no end. seek no end. and certain intervals can be the skeleton—the prestige.....so fucking amazing.

man music so is philosophy.