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meta layer of south park
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

it's funny to watch south park like a cartoon, pretending like the characters are real etc. -default way

but it's also funny in a different way to see it in its meta layer - real

humans who made cartoon characters to voice their humor.

its also a terrifying realization, as you have the familiar epiphany that none of the characters are actually real, that what yuou are watching is not a real world (real in one way, could be argued that it is real, hyper real).

what jordan peterson said - you have to suspend belief before you enter a move theatre, as you would not be able to relate to the movie if you held the knowing that the film wasnt real, that its just paid actors in front of a screen with special effects. its a fialure to connetct and to see the point ( it hionk i talked about this in a nother eessay. can allude to real life too. if life were a imulatuion, to live in that moede would be a failure to conenct with what matters.