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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

what am i existentially doing...i want to live and actualize myself fully. to fulfil the goal and vision of dark. i want to be authentic. live authentically. to explore dark in its depth and complexion. nothing else matters to me. nothing. empty phenomena rolling on.

macro lens and maco objective//

i'm simply thinking about the macro lens of my existence in the dark what dark is because I have all these resources as I said before and I want to do right by him give me this opportunity this platform this time and space in this universe well if you think about it that way really puts it in perspective like can you put my self respect myself more and Appreciate my own company more than the company of othersr.

to be alone. to work alone//

I will consider my own existence and just being with myself and pondering myself and spending time with myself and composer as myself and as the vessel in the conduit of which this dark music foster to be a greater ideal and a great privilege. a great privilige to see myself, and to slwly discover that over time. might be a seperate framewrok —> isolation is the key. to be alone is where the gold is. solittude.

i have always felt that the music is representation of something deeper and more vast

showing people not just what your thinking but HOW you're thinking.

i feel like i am clawing at something and revealing and sculpting something so majestic and pure, and i am now letting people enter the window into this creation process.

a concotion of words that resonate with me: (consntantly growing!):

perfectly honest. genuine. real. radiance. radiate.

a feeling of underground//

i want to create a feeling of underground, an underground energy, below the seams, of seeing the source code" "a closed off community from all noise, and all you see is the work, and how i'm thinking. i hope will inspire you with your own work, and your own vision of reality and lens of the world.

an inverse music business model//

everything is reversed and closed in, as opposed to exposed and out there. like press, release promo etc, are all flipped and inversed. instead of broadcasting my thoughts out there in interviews and press platforms, i am invitng readers inside. this feels inside my body, where press and external interviews feel outside my body.

doing things in my own way, on my own terms, defining my own criteria for success, in a way that speaks to me.


world building. to carve a space. iterative, accumulative. frame by frame. to chase purity in reality, pure expression. to get to the bedrock and source code of all things.

the premise is to be as authentic as possible. purity. to live purely and authentically.

a complete unification of being.

"i have a whole database of this artists brain, you should check it out".

propagation is not just width but depth...that's what this subscription is. i wan to reach milliosn but also truly reach deep within the few.

the uncovering and discovering of what i always was. becoming who i really am. feels like a spiral heading towards its center. traveling without moving.

"trying to build the perfect dark." iterating towards the perfect dark.