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composing without restrictions
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

investing in a high CPU high performance machine. it may be expensive, but it is SO worth it. to compose freely, with infinite tracks, and not have to worry about bandwidth, is paramount.

what is the ideal workstation for me?

goal is to have a completely free open space, where i can literally use my thoughts to carve out music from this infijite space. god like. god does not "know" how it is he does what he does, he just does.

the mac pro is the closest thing i have to that. and im sure that is what we are all chasing isnt it? a formless, machine-less system that can just translate our thoughts into the beautific design (god like? god design? god becoming? retrocausal we are moving into the past and into our original nature as god? that is what we chasing?). but then how would accidnets happen? etc. perhaps the limitations and the UI of things, the restrictins and clunkiness and lack of optons it has is what generaties creativity that goes beyond the mind. still. i want high performahce.