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Jan 1, 2022 4:29 AM

there is something attractive and noble about becoming proficient at something.

to be a master at a craft.

something with my hands.

something to cultivate.

to refine over the years.

to explore outside the boundaries of human emotion, thought, and reason.

to witness the awe between the simplicity and complexity of existence. to explore the relationship between fantasy and reality, the metaphysics and physics, the spiritual and the existential.

to propagate the perfect dark.

to be a beacon.

to carve a path for myself.

to energize reality.

to explore wellbeing, effortless mastery and meditation in context of music and practice.

to explore fear and anxiety.

sound. tone. texture.

painting something on a canvas.

writing complex, incredible textures that create imagery.

to propogate energy with through width and depth.

to sculpt my own reality.

to explore my relatonship with the guitar and what it really is.

i want to change/push the boundaries of how people perceive the guitar.

with surrealism, textures, different playing style, and virtuosity.

I want to become a guitarist who does things in a new light.

amazing, beautiful and innovative music. Meditation. philosophy.

the guitar is an interface.

a microcosm of one's mind.

it isn.t just an instrument.

it is a tool of the mind.