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to see is to forget the name of the thing one sees
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Jan 1, 2022 4:29 AM

the rick toone wingspan has changed the game for me.

to see is to forget the name of the thing one sees.

a quote by paul valéry.

seeing is forgetting.

i dont see a guitar when i see Rick Toone's wingspan

so i will forget the guitar.

there is so much baggage

with that word.

so much association to things i am not.

it is a body, it is a neck, it is strings. it is wood. it is aluminum. it is carbon fiber. handmade. raw. industrial. it is not a guitar. to really understand what it is. working with rick toone has catalyzed this paradigm shift. to glimpse an instrument that feels so raw, so artisan, and so industrial had made me remember that things start from nothing. here lies a paradigm shift.

A welcoming of a partial ego death with regards to the guitar.

it is a universe of strings, and inside each string lies secrets of harmonic iridescence.

and there is a grid.

an existential grid.

a map of the world.

to forget the guitar.

my resistance to the guitar has been inhibiting me for a long time.

i don't feel like a guitar player.

so forget that.

forget the guitar.

conceptually speaking. forget what people think the guitar is. erase that from my memory. or let that part of the guitar die-the part that i hate. it is not in my orbit. let this rebirth shine. this new identity. this new emergence. this is not a guitar. this is an entity. a vehicle. a symphonic tool. a mechanism to represent reality. strings. frequencies.

it is a harp. a meta-harp. a beacon. it is the greatest musical tool to exist, because it is synthetic, it is organic, it is vibration, it is light, it is energy, it is a tool for explorers. the sounds produced by this entity are the greatest on the planet.

to found the source code of it. is to distill, to burn off deadwood, to filter out the junk. to declutter. to remove the slime. to utilize this tool gesturally. texturally. as a space. not as a circus trick.

it is the greatest instrument on earth.

the perfect artist tool.

it as a tool to chase reality.

deeper realities.