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the guitar is an interface
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Jan 1, 2022 4:29 AM

how one plays guitar is how one sees and acts in the world.

//sep point:

the guitar is a microcosm for being essentially (

one can argue that playing guitar or any other field may be less important than another, or less existentially significant than another, and i can understnad that societal frame of mind, but it also isnt true.

as how one interfaces with the guitar is embedded with primordial things. like hero's journey, struggle, etc. al those things. deep existential concepts are explored throughout any and every ndeavour, and thus the guitar. how i see one interact with the guitar and what they have gone through and how they communicate heir ideas int he world though it reveals deep existential revelation. (did i write about this somewhere already?)

i think what i was tring to say with this essay was that there are different archetypes of guitar players, and we see their energy and way of looking at the world shine through their guitar playing. the guitar is simply an interface for their being.