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i could have sworn i wrote about this in another essay.

(no enlightenment then per se)..

self vs. no self. both equally valid

seeing things as all divine revelation vs just sitting in traffic.

from free will water fountain:

Different modes of being and inquiry warrant different modes of analysis.

determinism, why determinism is for the best, or "you dont want free will"/ simplies things, deflates things, makes you free. its freeing. — and why its possibly for the best.

and you could say it is superflously complex to think about all actions that way, which is true.— It is easier to think of it as me just walking to the water fountain than to constantly live in existential dread of my lack of free will. Different modes of being and inquiry warrant different modes of analysis.

could be argued that its terryfing etc etc.

And actually this philosophy does have its place in simplifying life, and better to. simplifies things--such as the problem of retribution towards criminals. It deflates evil to nothing but bad programming. It Determinism simplifies many things. It allows me to be more compassionate towards those with whom I would otherwise have contempt for. To be angry or jealous or annoyed at something becomes deflated upon esposuing the deterministic philosophy, for those who do annoy you cant help be annoy you, adn yuou cant help but be annoyed. determisim simplifies things. free will complicates things.