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treating myself as a boat, a passage

as i listen to organic shadows with abyss and hs8...incredible

i get the thought of - i wish people could hear what i hear...if they could hear this exact configuration, of both the listening equipment, and the mental configuration of me to really hear what i hear. to see myself not as i, but as a boat for i. as a passage. as. sort of experience that one can buy.

like if they could borrow my mind and experience for a while.

like if they were to pass through me.

its almost my duty to listen to it attentively, for others who will get the ticket to be me to experience it. thus my duty to lie fully and self actualize


not sure if im explainging this so well.

but the problem with this is—isnt the experience of "i" a part of the boat experience itself? thus creating an infinite regress (create essay block on infinite regress).

so say if i am loving my life - am i roopam garg, or am i a passenger who opted for the roopam garg experience?