therein lies a process of demonstrating aptitude first before gaining permission to explore art. to be given the right to truly experiment after earning self-confidence and goodwill from a listenership. otherwise, the work will risk being misunderstood. people may dismiss a most eccentric creation as uneducated noise, even though it is probably the best, most idiosyncratic, innovative work ever made.

perhaps a separate framework: fear of being misunderstood:

this is a problem sam harris faces

out of context interpretations

to understand where he is coming from

is to understand the universe of his thoughts

to pick one out of the entire node structure of his thinking

is to misrepresent it.

but it isn't obvious to me that it is fair that he should expect everybody to have known his entire frame of thinking.

so one must be caeful that each piece of work is crafted such that it pointa to something deeper.

that each piece be coherent.

and not something that cannot stand on its own and justify itself.

i have faced the exact same issue with refractions

navigation of space is not easy.