for several months.

see what happens.

allow degradation.

find hidden creativity.

i will do other things.

expand other skillsets and stats in my video game of reality.

to derive creativity from non-guitar sources.

to widen the gamut of my artistry

to not pigeon-hole myself.

deliberate non-practice.

to realize there is (so much) more to music than guitar playing.

and when i do come back to pick up my guitar.

there is a certain freshness to the touch.

like it is a new instrument.

like i am a new player.

what is interesting is that my technique never dies.

it only gets refined.

my relationship with my instrument deepens.

an appreciation opens up.

its like a refresher.

like as if i have been dipped in a pool of freshness.

and i am coming back.

it reminds me of how genius this instrument is.