let the guitar get out of tune.

let nature naturally imperfect it for a while.

just for a period of time.

don't tune the guitar.

and compose with it.

wthe elcome out of tune.

i love the destructive interference pattern that happens.

when two unison notes are slightly off from each other.

let the tree grow.

let the branches fan out.

a divergence from what i intended.

i tuned the guitar, and it went rogue and a little out of tune.

that is cool.

out of my control.

i have to adapt to it.

i shouldn't always let it adapt to me.

an emergence.

that's what it is.

an emergence.

nature has run its course and has led to the guitar growing out of its tuning.

and that feels sacred.

i realize that there will never be a moment again for that exact tuning the guitar has.