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i wish to be hyper specialized.

to really go infinitely deep in a specific craft.

to turn a blind eye or disinterest in all other things.

to truly know one thing and not know any other thing.

to know nothing

except one thing.

purity of mind.

purity of thought.

purity of intention.

to find the infinite in the infinitesimal.

to be called to and compelled by something dark and existential.

something actually real.

something perfect in its geometry.

like a scientist or mathematician going deep in their craft.

because there is something there there.

i believe it to be so.

i am called towards it.

something to access.

a depth of darkness within.

it is so hidden.

i need to sink i

deep. to explore dark in its depth and complexion.

the perfect dark.

nothing else matters.

this is it.

to zoom in so completely.

to go where nobody else has gone.

it is better to be a master of one technique than a connoisseur of several.

and this builds continuity between conscious minds, and builds the collective consciousness in a beautiful way.

to do interesting and unique things is to enhance the existence of other unique and interesting things. and it builds a bridge. worlds bridging words.

outsourcing mental bandwidth of attention.

enhancing not just your identity, but as well as the identity of those surrounding you by contrast.

thus one's enemies turn into something else. they stop being enemies. for their existence enhances your cause, your "ownness". it renders it power.