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//to be hyper aware of string spacing, to the shape of the guitar.... to really know all the angles.

-//the angle of the pick matters so much. (sep essay maybe).

-small details.

//sep essay perhaps:

  • to sit with the guitar and not play it, just feel it. relates to a technique from effortless mastery

joe interview:

I’m someone who focuses less on material specifications and more on how I feel when I play an instrument, and the Larada mysteriously just feels perfect in every way. I feel a bold creative synergy with it. It also comes with the best pickups in the world: Fishman pickups. The level of tactility and detail is unlike anything I’ve tried. I’m a huge fan of scrapes, grain, and detail of the string- elements outside of the actual note. the Fishman pickups are hyper-responsive to all this. In addition, I’m using Stone Age Picks founded by Matt Halliday. Matt has done something groundbreaking with the picks he produces. The stone transforms the guitar strings into silk. It works really well for some of the experimental techniques I’ve been working on lately such as sweep harmonics. It almost sounds glass-like.