not changing guitar strings.

letting the strings age.

letting it degrade.

denying freshness.

strings are like wood.

they also age.

and there is beauty in that.

beauty in corossion.

beauty in dirt.

beauty in usage.

and there is real inspiration in witnessing how it changes one's playing and composition.

if one normally changes guitar strings every two weeks, let them experiment with changing it every 2 months.

see how it alters their mind and perception. don't see it as a negative degradation. but rather a maturing of the strings. a deepening of the string's function.

embedded in the existence of fresh strings is the existence of rotten strings.

do not deny its nature.

all futures exist now.

it might create something that is more pad-like and soft than something normally bright and sparkly clean.

it might make one play more aggressively.

or press certain frets differently.

find the gems in the hidden cracks.

negate the social and commerical fetishism for youth, makeup and anti-aging.

work with death.

not against it.

there is beauty in experiencing the entire lifetime of a thing.

witnessing things in their infancy all the way to its death.

and even if something gets dinged, its fine.

its a scar.

its a part of life.

it has a story.

let it be.

even if it changes or "impairs" output.

kind of why i hate replaceable batteries, or even batteries in general. they are a disposable part of the entire whole.

i prefer treating all things as if it were conscious entities that share a life with me.

to see it as a different part of the spectrum of sound of the string.

to see it as part of the wide gamut of sounds and textures the string has.

i have always cared about trajectory

by cutting off the strings

i am not just cutting off the strings

i am cutting off its trajectory.

i wish to experience the entire gamut of sound.

(ref: age identity)