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its interesting how after a few minutes of practice, leaving and coming back, i feel a sense of smoothness and flow with my fingers.

perhas a seperate framework - not sure if i really believe in warming least one hsould be able to play for th emost part, from the get go. its not that i dont believe in warming up. its just i dont believe in having seperate material that exists JUST FOR the sake of warming up. i never treat anything with the guitar in that manner. all practice is composition. as such, all warm up should be composition. and thus

warmups should be exactly what it is youre going to be playing. if youre going to be playing riff A, practice riff A.

this actually helps me with activation energy

if i can practice just picking up the guitar cold and playing straight away. that is amazing. no precursors. no filler ups.

ideally i want to get the point where warmups and playing are one and the same, or that i dont need to warm u per se. i can just play. to live one's act. it is more difficult to do this in cold climates.