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escape [amazing existential riff]
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amazing existential guitar riff 1 and 2 (swybrid suspending cycling up octaves), d - have each run go left and also right! (escape_)

WOW hear rick toone logic session

also see instagram performance of this with rick toone, there is a really nice pushy cushiony airy organicnsss to it m. hyper real. like you're in the room, but it doesn't have that acoustic sound, it sounds more like hyper real or with greater space and depth and resolution. i certaintly combined raw camera audio with the rick toone- and it sounds amazing.

wow i have this idea in my head of harp like ness that leads to this riff....see iphone camera video may 1 vivaldi. leads into this amazing riff...revelations...,

have it do stereo scopic where it goes left to right to left to right.

also love the nils frahm like triplet version of this with rick toone..so good.

the chord progression should be that one that you explored with the triplet version, but with the full run...that would be amazing. nils like but more.