in progress
Sep 2, 2021 3:02 AM

pathway enigma

essence of a walking stick enigma...see voice memos - using ending of proof_ and other sounds from it as drones..swells..sounds..see sona_14

DOUBLE THE SPEED OF TRACK 2 - shutter like. more drive. ? or keep same cause it leads to revelations fast. pitter patter.


virgil donati bass solo melody - as i stare at the ava image

dont forget thumping some notes for wingspan fingerpicking

all vars of resolution - higher, lower, rhythmic. (one of these is akin to ivan performance - but fst should have some hanging notes), also see the IG version you did with kiesel lower octave—> it went to b7. also do a version thats in bass territory?

one of the flurries should have the devs like solaris ascension bass

that lower walking stick enigma should be part of the next sessions.

see voice memos

biopolis1 - ip

biopolis2 - ip

descension - ip

time spirals - ip

ava —→ lux

lux5 - ip

lux - ip

lux2 - ip

lux3 ip

lux - intermittence of the solo...

lux —> solaria or folding pathway enigma

polytempo - several? - "polytempo study" - ip

- also phasing




my friend the philosopher

my friend the forest

my fiend the darkness

dreamland forever - add solaris bass

thus can do those guitar nut suite stuff here!!!! joker etc. and "nut" in itunes. release those 3 indiviual nut riffs from resonance as sessions, and the resonance track as a dark track (SEARCH RESONANCE FINAL MIX...AMAZING)

neural (intro) (remember that initial recording you made? more metallic and with the actual left hand harmonics) - see original instagram version

kaleido - PERMS AND SECTIONS OF KALEIDO!! AND SUSPENDED, even the OG melody in the B section, and the climax. kal_1: repeat twice the drive

maps of meaning

ava/dark eye



walking stick enigma intro

self spiral spiral

dreamland forever


arcadia ava melody

arcadia lead melody, as swells.

even "never having been?" so sessions become more than just guitar performance esque?

self emergence - short and long version? when i mean long version i mean the one where it hangs. actual session itself is short.

consider nils frahm tape esque. or some sort of underlying aesthetic. i like ex machina distortion. those samples from ava? SEVEN POUNDS!


that beautiful thumping riff.

echo end


amazing existential riff 1

amazing existential riff 2

deus - hanging 1 note...

personality of a hurricane

see nils sessions! vol. 3 - includes that harmonic tapping material, beautiful thumping riff

so we have:

vol 1 - non dual...

vol 2 - intelligence/lux/kaleido/darkeye ava etc

vol 3 - nils