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advanced harp harmonics
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Jul 11, 2021 4:07 AM
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or double harp harmonics.

a right hand technique.

an extension of harp harmonics.

i currently have one way of doing harmonics on my right hand.

hover + pluck

index (1st) finger hovers + thumb plucks.

but i have more fingers available on my right hand.

what if i added another system of hover + pluck?

middle (2nd) finger hovers

+ small (4th) finger plucks.

this is hard.

so i will practice only the middle (2nd) finger + the small (4th) finger for now.

same process as learning artificial harmonics

practice only the middle and small finger:

E |----------------------------|
B |----------------------------|
G |----------------------------|
D |----------------------------|
A |--0<12>---------------------|
E |----------------------------|
B |----------------------------|

practice on a different string:

E |----------------------------|
B |----------------------------|
G |-------0<12>----------------|
D |----------------------------|
A |--0<12>---------------------|
E |----------------------------|
B |----------------------------|

and on more strings:

E |----------------------0<12>--|
B |-----------------0<12>-------|
G |------------0<12>------------|
D |-------0<12>-----------------|
A |--0<12>----------------------|
E |-----------------------------|
B |-----------------------------|

it is the same process as learning artificial harmonics with the thumb and index.

it is just with a different set of fingers.

instead of index + thumb

it is middle + small finger

so i can go back to all the exercises in the artificial harmonics note.

once i am comfortable with middle + small finger

i can now practice both systems together.

now i can pluck harmonics on two strings at the same time

hereby making "harmonic chords":

E |------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------|
G |-----------4<16>--------------------|
D |--2<14>----4<16>----4<16>-----2<14>-|
A |--2<14>-----------------------------|
E |--------------------3<15>-----3<15>-|
B |------------------------------------|

or i can alternate between the two systems (S = system):

system 1: index + thumb

system 2: middle + small finger

S |--1-----2-----1-----2-----1-----2-----1-----2---|

E |------------------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------------------|
G |-------------------4<16>------------------------|
D |-------2<14>-4<16>-------------4<16>------2<14>-|
A |--2<14>-----------------------------------------|
E |-------------------------3<15>------3<15>-------|
B |------------------------------------------------|

i can then have one string be a pedal, while the other goes around (loop):

E |------------------------------------------|
B |------------------------------------------|
G |------------------------------------------|
D |------------------------------------------|
A |-------------------------2<14>------------|
E |---------------2<14>----------------------|
B |------2<14>-------------------------------|

here system 1 (thumb + index) stays still while system 2 (middle + small) moves around.

and i can also go the other way...

E |-2<14>-----2<14>-----2<14>-----2<14>-----|
B |------2<14>------------------------------|
G |----------------2<14>--------------------|
D |--------------------------2<14>----------|
A |-----------------------------------2<14>-|
E |-----------------------------------------|
B |-----------------------------------------|

i can also make some cool patterns with this:

E |-2<14>---------------------------2<14>-----|
B |------2<14>----------------2<14>-----------|
G |-----------2<14>-----2<14>-----------------|
D |----------------2<14>----------------------|
A |----------------2<14>----------------------|
E |-----------2<14>-----2<14>-----------------|
B |------2<14>----------------2<14>-----------|

and i can then combine these advanced double harmonics with left hand only harmonics, thus achieving harmonics heaven with triple harmonics.


the ring finger does not do anything.

maybe it is an anchor/pivot point.

being well versed in classical guitar or finger picking helps

high action.

thicker string gauge.

find the hidden harmonics

rest are soft

bridge pickup allows for stronger harmonics

check out:

questions and feedback: if you have any questions, or need clarification on anything, or want to see something more, please email me i am always looking to help out and for ways to develop this further. this is a constantly growing brain, and i would love to build it with you. to chase reality together.