in progress

much easier (for me) to do this than alternate picking. i dont know why its pegged as an advanced technique. alternative picking seems more advanced because it involves both inside and outside picking. economy picking, strict economy picking, is only inside picking. its more intuitive for me to grasp.

it is also more restrictive than alternate picking

i am forced to follow the pathway of my finger

as to the rules of the flow of inside picking.

which is sort of neat

restrictions build interesting, atypical and non-square pathways

alternate picking sounds very square.

economy picking sounds more flow-like, contoured

and even the timbre of economy picking is different.

alternate picking has that nice machine like precision sound

super clean, crisp and even across strings.

each note is powerful.

economy picking is not that at all

it is more flow like

some notes are not as loud as others

there is a contour of dynamics and melody.

and it feels nicer to me.

it is like flowing through a maze.

it also allows for integration with sweep picking. - which i think is the point of it.

i desire flow

a flow between strings

though economy picking is rigid in terms of inside picking

it feels less rigid than alternate picking as far as feel and end result of sound.