“the secret impresses no one, the trick you use it for is everything”

— alfred borden, the prestige.

what illusionists reveal is that everything that is amazing.

everything that that has that wow factor

has a simple dissapointing trick behind it.

like looking at a guitar virtuoso,

once you know what he did.

how he did it.

then the flash of the trick becomes greyed out.

sort of redundant.


loses the spark and awe in one's eye.

makes me wonder

are things only awe-inspiring insofar as you don't know how it is done?

that’s why I hate the “making of” music sort of thing.

showing people how they made the track.

it is too mechanical.

and ruins the mysteriousness and mysticalness of it.

wonder if thats how life is…

if you realized how life came to be,

you realized its just a simple trick.

so easy.

so simple.


each person being the same person living in parallel universes simultaneously...