how much is enough?

until it really doesn't matter anymore?

until it has diminishing returns?

until it is a waste of time?

practicing for the sake of getting faster is fine

until it isn't.

there is no nobility in practice if there is no use for it.

the word "training" implies that it leads to something greater than itself.

training for the sake of training has an undertone of satire to it.

i don't want to become neurotic.

because i am getting better at guitar does not mean i am becoming a better musician.

it is one dimensional.


there is no z-axis with guitar practice.

there is a sea of layers to explore with regards to artistry.

and because we have a limited bandwidth of attention,

there is a risk in losing yourself or not becoming as good a musician of i dnt expand my research and development in other aspects of artistry or being an artist/musician.

i dont want to fall into the trap of being a guitar player - and being known for that. and being a circlus clown filled with techniques that have no se other than be a self referential show off of itself. no. all things need to point to something deeper....all things...